Statistics History and Records

UMass has statistical data back through the 1954-55 season, with very limited data from 1949-54.

For individual season-by-season statistics, refer to the individual player page found via the All-Time Letterwinners page. Sortable career statistics for all players can be found on the Sortable Career Stats page.

UMass tracks more categories in their Game Notes updates. Last update: 3/19/2013, see page 35.

Individual Statistics

Individual Career Records

Major categories are listed below. Additional categories are available from UMass, but their data has not been updated since the end of the 2010-11 season.


All 1,000+ point scorers listed.

(updated through 1/23/2014)

Jim McCoy
Monty Mack
Ricky Harris
1McCoy, Jim2,37412618.81988-92
2Mack, Monty2,18312317.71997-2001
3Harris, Ricky1,96012915.22006-10
4Roe, Lou1,90513414.21991-95
5Freeman, Rashaun1,74411814.82003-07
6Sutton, Lorenzo1,73111015.71984-88
7Barbee, Tony1,64312613.01989-93
8Russell, Donald1,55811014.11981-85
9Williams, Harper1,53411912.91989-93
10Pyatt, Mike1,50310514.31974-78
11Neysmith, Horace1,42811112.91981-85
12Williams, Chaz1,4221)8816.22011-
13Green, Edwin1,39311112.51980-84
14Camby, Marcus1,3879215.11993-96
15Erving, Julius1,3705226.31969-71
16Hill, Clarence1,3696919.81962-66
17Gurley, Anthony1,3312)9114.52008-11
18Tindall, Billy1,2777417.31965-68
19Vinson, Terrell1,2761329.72009-13
20Grutchfield, Doug1,2577417.01958-61
21Skinner, Al1,2357915.61971-74
22Bright, Donta1,22910611.61993-96
23Ellerbrook, Ray1,2247416.51967-70
24Town, Jim1,2118313.61974-77
Anderson, Anthony1,21110711.32001-05
26Travieso, Carmelo1,1861309.11993-97
27Murphy, John1,1847915.01972-75
28Giles, Rafer1,16311510.11987-91
29Lowe, Chris1,1521249.32005-09
30Twitchell, Rodger1,1517016.41961-64
31Herndon, Will1,1483)9312.21989-92
Ketner, Lari1,1489412.21996-99
33Forbes, Gary1,1284)6916.32006-08
34Williams, Mike1,12210910.31991-95
35Foley, Jack1,0817115.21954-57
36Crooks, Shannon1,0745)9211.71999-2002
37Eldridge, Alex1,05310210.31974-78
38Dingle, Dana1,0431377.61992-96
39Clarke, Charlton1,0411178.91995-99
40Brown, David1,0378711.91985-89
41Claiborne, Derick1,0331079.71974-78
42Edwards, Tim1,0227214.21963-66
43Weeks, Tyrone1,0131258.11994-98
44Lasme, Stephane1,0111188.62003-07
45Riley, Freddie1,0061258.02009-13

Scoring Average

(updated through 1/23/2014)

Julius Erving
Clarence Hill
Jim McCoy
1Erving, Julius13705226.31969-71
2Hill, Clarence13696919.81962-66
3McCoy, Jim237412618.81988-92
4Prevey, Bill8384717.81949-52
5Mack, Monty218312317.71997-2001
6Tindall, Billy12777417.31965-68
7Burke, George “Trigger”8054717.11954-56
8Grutchfield, Doug12577417.01958-61
9Ellerbrook, Ray12247416.51967-70
10Twitchell, Rodger11517016.41961-64
Williams, Chaz14228816.22011-

Field Goals

(Through 2012-13 season)

Jim McCoy
Monty Mack
Rashaun Freeman
1McCoy, Jim8762013.4351988-92
2Mack, Monty7661888.4061997-2001
3Freeman, Rashaun6851226.5592003-07
4Sutton, Lorenzo6831518.4501984-88
5Pyatt, Mike6631318.5031974-78
6Roe, Lou6611249.5291991-95
7Harris, Ricky6431534.4192006-10
8Green, Edwin5801145.5071980-84
9Hill, Clarence5651284.4401962-66
10Williams, Harper5541080.5131989-93

Field Goals Attempted

(Through 2012-13 season)

Jim McCoy
Monty Mack
Ricky Harris
1McCoy, Jim8762013.4351988-92
2Mack, Monty7661888.4061997-2001
3Harris, Ricky6431534.4192006-10
4Sutton, Lorenzo6831518.4501984-88
5Pyatt, Mike6631318.5031974-78
6Hill, Clarence5651284.4401962-66
7Russell, Donald5411272.4251981-85
8Roe, Lou6611249.5291991-95
9Barbee, Tony5251244.4221989-93
10Freeman, Rashaun6851226.5592003-07

Field Goal Percentage

(Through 2012-13 season)
Minimum 500 attempts

Will Herndon
Stephane Lasme
Mark Haymore
1Herndon, Will467723.6461988-92
2Lasme, Stephane378635.5952003-07
3Haymore, Mark353619.5701977-79
4Freeman, Rashaun6851226.5592003-07
5Skinner, Al479860.5571971-74
6Roe, Lou6611249.5291991-95
7Rhymer, Kitwana310590.5251998-2002
8Donoghue, Mike324625.5181975-77
9Town, Jim5211008.5171974-77
10Williams, Harper5541080.5131989-93

3 Point Field Goals

(Through 2012-13 season)

Monty Mack
Ricky Harris
Anthony Anderson
1Mack, Monty331910.3641997-2001
2Harris, Ricky276795.3472006-10
3Anderson, Anthony275705.3902001-05
4Travieso, Carmelo245666.3681993-97
5Riley, Freddie231688.3362009-13
6Giles, Rafer221592.3731987-91
7Sutton, Lorenzo178424.4201984-88
8Gurley, Anthony155454.3412009-11
9Life, James148425.3482005-07
10Kellogg, Derek138362.3811991-95

3 Point Field Goal Percentage

(Through 2012-13 season)
Minimum 45 made

Carl Smith
Anton Brown
Lorenzo Sutton
1Smith, Carl54122.4431983-87
2Brown, Anton92218.4221988-92
3Sutton, Lorenzo178424.4201984-88
4Malloy, Jerome86215.4001991-93
5Anderson, Anthony275705.3902001-05
6DePina, Jonathan56146.3841997-2001
7Kellogg, Derek138362.3811991-95
8Williams, Chaz105277.3792011-
9Giles, Rafer221592.3731987-91
10Travieso, Carmelo245666.3681993-97

Free Throws

(Through 2012-13 season)

Lou Roe
Jim McCoy
Tony Barbee
1Roe, Lou578838.6901991-95
2McCoy, Jim575810.7101988-92
3Barbee, Tony477657.7261989-93
4Russell, Donald458617.7421981-85
5Williams, Harper424602.7041989-93
6Harris, Ricky398533.7472006-10
7Neysmith, Horace379665.5701981-85
8Rashaun Freeman374604.6192003-07
9Erving, Julius322436.7391969-71
10Mack, Monty320404.7921997-2001

Free Throw Percentage

(Through 2012-13 season)
Minimum 150 attempts

John Hempel
Monty Mack
Bob Eichorn
1Hempel, John175217.8061982-84
2Mack, Monty320404.7921997-2001
Eichorn, Bob228288.7921957-60
4Endicott, Bill156198.7881972-75
5Williams, Chaz6)310394.7872011-
6Claiborne, Derick173220.7861974-78
7Pagliara, Mike146187.7811969-72
8Betancourt, John161207.7781969-72
9Brown, Anton191248.7701988-92
Smith, Carl268348.7701983-87
10Giles, Rafer172224.7681987-91


(Through 2012-13 season)

Lou Roe
Julius Erving
Rashaun Freeman
1Roe, Lou10701348.01991-95
2Erving, Julius10495220.21969-71
3Rashaun Freeman9981188.52003-07
4Neysmith, Horace9351118.41981-85
5Edwards, Tim9037212.51963-67
6Town, Jim8798310.61974-77
7Weeks, Tyrone8581256.91994-98
8Williams, Harper8541197.21989-93
9Tindall, Billy8377411.31965-68
10O'Rourke, Charlie8227211.41962-65

Rebounding Average

(Through 2012-13 season)

Julius Erving
Tim Edwards
Charlie O'Rourke
1Erving, Julius10495220.21969-71
2Edwards, Tim9037212.51963-67
3O'Rourke, Charlie8227211.41962-65
4Tindall, Billy8377411.31965-68
5Twitchell, Rodger7667010.91961-64
6Town, Jim8798310.61974-77
7Grutchfield, Doug7827410.61958-61
8Leslie, Kirk6396110.51959-62
9Aho, Paul640679.61953-56
10Skinner, Al749799.51971-74


(updated through 1/23/2014)

Chris Lowe
Carl Smith
Chaz Williams
1Lowe, Chris6781245.52005-09
2Smith, Carl6331125.71983-87
3Williams, Chaz6057)886.72011-
4Padilla, Edgar5971354.41993-97
5Eldridge, Alex5181025.11974-78
6Kellogg, Derek4531203.81991-95
7DiSarcina, Joe431646.71966-69
8Brown, Anton4171093.81988-92
9Anderson, Anthony3671073.42001-05
10Clarke, Charlton3501173.01995-99


(updated through 1/23/2014)

Edgar Padilla
Chaz Williams
Monty Mack
1Padilla, Edgar2491351.81993-97
2Williams, Chaz1728)882.02011-
3Mack, Monty1541231.31997-2001
4Anderson, Anthony1501071.42001-05
5Harris, Ricky1481291.12006-10
6Williams, Mike1451091.31991-95
7Crooks, Shannon142921.51999-2002
Russell, Donald1421101.31981-85
9McCoy, Jim1411261.11988-92
10Smith, Carl1391121.21983-87

Blocked Shots

(Through 2012-13 season)

Stephane Lasme
Marcus Camby
Harper Williams
1Lasme, Stephane3991183.42003-07
2Camby, Marcus336923.71993-96
3Williams, Harper2221191.91989-93
4Ketner, Lari204942.21996-99
5Green, Edwin1901111.71980-84
6Rhymer, Kitwana1841211.51998-2002
7Gaffney, Tony174652.72007-09
8Herndon, Will128931.41989-92
9Roe, Lou1211340.91991-95
10Carter, Sean1209)991.22009-12

Games Played

(Through 2012-13 season)

Dana Dingle
Edgar Padilla
Lou Roe
RankPlayerGames PlayedYears
1Dingle, Dana1371992-96
2Padilla, Edgar1351993-97
3Roe, Lou1341991-95
4Vinson, Terrell1322009-13
5Travieso, Carmelo1301993-97
6Harris, Ricky1292006-10
7Barbee, Tony1261989-93
McCoy, Jim1261988-92
9Riley, Freddie1252009-13
Weeks, Tyrone1251994-98
11Correia, Gary1242007-11
Lowe, Chris1242005-09

Games Started

(Through 2012-13 season)

Terrell Vinson
Jim McCoy
Monty Mack
RankPlayerGames StartedGames Played% StartedYears
1Vinson, Terrell129132.9772009-13
2McCoy, Jim121126.9601988-92
3Mack, Monty119123.9671997-2001
4Barbee, Tony118126.9371989-93
5Freeman, Rashaun115118.9752003-07
6Smith, Carl1121121.0001983-87
7Williams, Harper111119.9331989-93
8Green, Edwin110111.9911980-84
Neysmith, Horace110111.9911981-85
10Dingle, Dana107137.7811992-96
Russell, Donald107110.9731981-85

Minutes Played

(Through 2012-13 season)

Monty Mack
Jim McCoy
Carl Smith
1Mack, Monty4,39112335.71997-2001
2McCoy, Jim4,18012633.21988-92
3Smith, Carl3,95211235.31983-87
4Roe, Lou3,73813427.91991-95
5Lowe, Chris3,70312429.92005-09
6Barbee, Tony3,69212629.31989-93
7Dingle, Dana3,69013726.91992-96
8Russell, Donald3,63211033.01981-85
9Green, Edwin3,62711132.71980-84
10Sutton, Lorenzo3,60911032.81984-88

Individual Career Stats - Sortable

Sortable career statistics for all players can be found on the Sortable Career Stats page.

Individual Season Records

Records available from UMass. However, UMass has not updated the information since the end of the 2009-10 season.

Individual Season Stats

Player-by-player stats, with season totals (1952-53 through 2009-10): HTML or PDF. UMass has not updated this since the end of the 2009-10 season.

Individual Season-by-Season Leaders

Records available from UMass. However, UMass has not updated the information since the end of the 2009-10 season.

Team Statistics

Team Season-by-Season Statistics

For recent season-by-season statistics, refer to the individual season page found via the Season History page. UMass has annual totals from 1953-54 through 2009-10.

Team Season Records

Records available from UMass. However, UMass has not updated the information since the end of the 2010-11 season.

1) Also scored 325 points in one season at Hofstra
2) Also scored 199 points in one season at Wake Forest
3) Does not include points scored in one season at Richmond
4) Also scored 511 points in two seasons at Virginia
5) Also scored 43 points in one season at St. John's
6) These numbers do not include his one season at Hofstra
7) Also tallied 138 assists in one season at Hofstra
8) Also tallied 54 steals in one season at Hofstra
9) Also blocked 15 in one season at Oregon State
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