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Season History

Program Totals

Through end of 2022-23 season.

GamesWinsLossesWin %
114 Seasons258213531229.524


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
2023-24In progress
2022-2315-16.484A-106-12ThirteenthFrank Martin
2021-2215-17.469A-107-11TenthMatt McCall
2020-218-71).533A-106-42)FifthMatt McCallCarl Pierre


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
2019-2014-17.452A-108-10EighthMatt McCallCarl PierreN/A3)
2018-1911-21.344A-104-14ThirteenthMatt McCall
2017-1813-20.394A-105-13ThirteenthMatt McCall
2016-1715-18*.455A-104-14TwelfthDerek Kellogg
2015-1614-18*.438A-106-12TenthDerek Kellogg
2014-1517-15*.531A-1010-8EighthDerek Kellogg
2013-1424-9.727A-1010-6SixthDerek Kellogg NCAA Second Round4)
2012-1321-12.636A-109-7SixthDerek Kellogg NIT First Round
2011-1225-12.676A-109-7EighthDerek Kellogg NIT Semifinalist
2010-1115-15.500A-107-9EighthDerek Kellogg
Totals169-157.518 72-100

* UMass self-reported clerical errors that resulted in ten players receiving extra financial assistance. The NCAA considered this to be “impermissible financial aid render(ing) the student-athletes ineligible,” and vacated wins. Read more here.


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
2009-1012-20.375A-105-11EleventhDerek KelloggNo official captains. Acting: Ricky Harris
2008-0912-18.400A-107-9TenthDerek KelloggLuke Bonner, Tony Gaffney, Chris Lowe
2007-0825-11.694A-1010-6ThirdTravis FordEtienne Brower, Gary Forbes, Dante Milligan, Matt PennieNIT Finalist
2006-0724-9.727A-1013-3First (tie)Travis FordRashaun Freeman, Stephane Lasme, Brandon ThomasNIT Second Round
2005-0613-15.464A-108-8SeventhTravis FordRashaun Freeman, Jeff Viggiano, Stephane Lasme
2004-0516-12.571A-109-7Third EastSteve LappasAnthony Anderson
2003-0410-19.345A-104-12Fourth EastSteve LappasAnthony Anderson
2002-0311-18.379A-106-10*Fourth EastSteve LappasMicah Brand, Jackie Rogers
2001-0213-16.448A-106-10Fourth EastSteve LappasShannon Crooks, Kitwana Rhymer, Eric Williams
2000-0115-15.500A-1011-5FourthJames "Bruiser" FlintJonathan DePina, Monty Mack, Winston Smith
Totals151-153.497 79-81

*Atlantic 10 Conference record includes a forfeit victory over St. Bonaventure, which is not included in the overall record.


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1999-200017-16.515A-109-7ThirdJames "Bruiser" FlintMike Babul, Chris KirklandNIT First Round
1998-9914-16.467A-109-7Third EastJames "Bruiser" FlintCharlton Clarke, Lari Ketner
1997-9821-11.656A-1012-4Third EastJames "Bruiser" FlintTyrone WeeksNCAA First Round
1996-9719-14.576A-1011-5Third EastJames "Bruiser" FlintEdgar Padilla, Carmelo Travieso, Tyrone WeeksNCAA First Round
1995-9635-2*.946A-1015-1FirstJohn CalipariDonta Bright, Dana DingleNCAA Final Four
1994-9529-5.853A-1013-3FirstJohn CalipariDerek Kellogg, Lou RoeNCAA Elite Eight
1993-9428-7.800A-1014-2FirstJohn CalipariDerek Kellogg, Lou RoeNCAA Second Round
1992-9324-7.774A-1011-3FirstJohn CalipariTony Barbee, Harper WilliamsNCAA Second Round
1991-9230-5.857A-1013-3FirstJohn CalipariAnton Brown, Will Herndon, Jim McCoyNCAA Sweet Sixteen
1990-9120-13.606A-1010-8Third (tie)John CalipariRafer Giles, John TateNIT Final Four
Totals237-96.712 117-43

*1995-96 notes: The 35-2 record led the nation in winning percentage.
NCAA Tournament appearance was vacated by the NCAA for use of an ineligible student athlete.
The NCAA no longer recognizes the school’s tournament appearance or its 4-1 record in tournament games that season.


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1989-9017-14.548A-1010-8SixthJohn CalipariCary HererNIT First Round
1988-8910-18.357A-105-13EighthJohn CalipariNone
1987-8810-17.370A-105-13NinthRon GerlufsenLorenzo Sutton
1986-8711-16.407A-107-11Sixth (tie)Ron GerlufsenCarl Smith, Lorenzo Sutton
1985-869-19.321A-106-12SeventhRon GerlufsenCarl Smith, Lorenzo Sutton
1984-8513-15.464A-109-9Fourth (tie)Ron GerlufsenHorace Neysmith, Donald Russell
1983-8412-17.414A-106-12EighthRon GerlufsenEdwin Green, Donald Russell
1982-839-20.310A-104-10EighthTom McLaughlinNone
1981-827-20.259Eastern 83-11EighthTom McLaughlinNone
1980-813-24.111Eastern 80-13EighthRay WilsonRon Washington, Tom Witkos
Totals101-180.359 55-112


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1979-802-24.077Eastern 80-10EigthRay WilsonGeorge Dennerlien, Bill Morrison
1978-795-22.185Eastern 80-10EigthJack LeamanEric Williams
1977-7815-12.556Eastern 85-5ThirdJack LeamanDerick Claiborne
1976-7720-11.645ECBL3-4SixthJack LeamanMark DonoghueNIT Quarterfinals
1975-7621-6.778Yankee11-1FirstJack LeamanMark Donoghue, Mike Stokes
1974-7518-8.692Yankee10-2FirstJack LeamanJim Burke, Bill Endicott, John MurphyNIT First Round
1973-7421-5.808Yankee11-1FirstJack LeamanAl SkinnerNIT First Round
1972-7320-7.741Yankee10-2FirstJack LeamanTom McLaughlinNIT Quarterfinals
1971-7214-12.538Yankee6-4Second (tie)Jack LeamanMike Pagliara
1970-7123-4.852Yankee10-0FirstJack LeamanJulius Erving, Ken MathiasNIT First Round
Totals159-111.589 66-39


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1969-7018-7 .720 Yankee8-2 First (tie) Jack LeamanRay Ellerbrook NIT First Round
1968-6917-7 .708 Yankee9-1 First (tie) Jack LeamanJoe DiSarcina, Pete Gayeska
1967-68 14-11 .560 Yankee8-2 First (tie) Jack LeamanBilly Tindall5)
1966-67 11-14 .440 Yankee7-3 Third Jack LeamanFrank Stewart
1965-66 11-13 .458 Yankee5-5 Third John M. Orr Clarence Hill
1964-65 13-11 .542 Yankee8-2 Second John M. Orr Charles Kingston, Charloes O'Rourke
1963-64 15-9 .625 Yankee5-5 Third John M. Orr Pete Bernard, Michael Johnson, Rodger Twitchell
1962-63 12-12 .500 Yankee6-4 Third Matthew Zunic Pete Bernard, Rodger Twitchell
1961-62 15-9 .625 Yankee8-2 First Matthew Zunic Kirk Leslie, Mike MoleNCAA First Round
1960-61 16-10 .615 Yankee4-6 Fourth Matthew Zunic Doug Grutchfield
Totals142-103.580 68-32


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1959-60 14-10 .583 Yankee6-4 Second (tie) Matthew Zunic Leo Leblanc
1958-59 11-13 .458 Yankee5-5 Third (tie) Robert T. Curran Edmund Adamczyk
1957-58 13-12 .520 Yankee5-5 Second (tie) Robert T. Curran Don Akerson, Paul Kollios
1956-57 13-11 .542 Yankee4-4 Fourth Robert T. Curran John Foley
1955-56 17-6 .739 Yankee5-1 Second Robert T. Curran Paul Aho
1954-55 10-14 .417 Yankee4-2 Third Robert T. Curran none
1953-54 13-9 .591 Yankee5-1 Second Robert T. Curran John MacLeod, William Stephens
1952-53 4-15 .211 Yankee1-4 Fifth Robert T. Curran Henry Mosychuk
1951-52 4-17 .190 Yankee0-6 Sixth Lorin BallWilliam Prevey
1950-516-14.300Yankee1-3FifthLorin BallRaymond Gagnon
Totals105-121.465 36-35


SeasonRecordWin % RecordStandingCoachCaptainsPost-Season
1949-50 8-11 .421 Yankee2-3 Third (tie) Lorin Ball Raymond Gagnon NAIA Districts6)
1948-49 6-12 .333 Yankee2-2 Fourth Lorin Ball William Looney
1947-48 2-14 .125 No conference affiliationLorin Ball Edward McGrath
1946-47 4-12 .250 No conference affiliationW.G. Hargesheimer / Lorin Ball *Raymond Kneeland
1945-46 4-8 .333 No conference affiliationLorin Ball none
1944-45 No team
1943-44 No team
1942-43 5-8 .385 No conference affiliationW.G. Hargesheimer Raymond Kneeland
1941-42 8-6 .571 No conference affiliationW.G. Hargesheimer Robert Triggs
1940-41 5-9 .357 No conference affiliationLouis Bush / Fritz Ellert %William Walsh
Totals42-80.344 4-5

*In 1946-47, W.G. Hargesheimer coached for the first seven games of the season, and Lorin Ball coached the remainder.
%In 1940-41, Louis Bush coached for the first nine games of the season, and Fritz Ellert coached the remainder.

Massachusetts did not participate in conference play nor have any post-season appearances
until the 1940s. Columns in tables before that time are not included in the summaries.


SeasonRecordWin %CoachCaptains
1939-40 1-14 .067 Wilho Frigard Alfred Rudge
1938-39 7-7 .500 Wilho Frigard Stanley Zalazo
1937-38 8-6 .571 Wilho Frigard Edward Czclussuki
1936-37 8-6 .571 Wilho Frigard Isadore Barr
1935-36 2-12 .143 Melvin Taube John Stewart
1934-35 6-6 .500 Melvin Taube William Davis, Ernest Jaworski
1933-34 12-0* 1.000 Melvin Taube Joseph Lojko
1932-33 6-8 .429 Fritz Ellert Gordon Houron
1931-32 10-4 .714 Fritz Ellert John Foley
1930-31 11-4 .733 Fritz Ellert Leon Stanisiewski

*In 1933-34, Massachusetts was the only undefeated team in the nation.


SeasonRecordWin %CoachCaptains
1929-3011-3.786Fritz EllertFritz Ellert
1928-295-9.357Harold M. GoreFritz Ellert
1927-287-7.500Harold M. GoreRoland Reed
1926-278-5.615Harold M. GoreM.H. Partenheimer
1925-2612-2.857Harold M. GoreJohn Temple
1924-2511-3.786Harold M. GoreS.B. Samuels
1923-2410-3.769Harold M. GoreE.L. Bike
1922-237-5.583Harold M. GoreW.H. Marshman
1921-2211-4.733Harold M. GoreCarlyle Gowdy
1920-217-9.438Harold M. GoreCarlyle Gowdy


SeasonRecordWin %CoachCaptains
1919-207-8.467Emory GraysonArthur McCarthy
1918-193-8*.273Sumner Dole / Harold M. Gore *Arthur McCarthy
1917-186-6.500Sumner DoleArthur McCarthy
1916-17 4-2 .667 Harold M. GoreEmory Grayson
1915-16 No team
1914-15 No team
1913-14 No team
1912-13 No team
1911-12 No team
1910-11 No team

*In 1918-19, Sumner Dole coached for the first four games of the season, and Harold M. Gore coached the remainder.


SeasonRecordWin %CoachCaptains
1909-10 No team
1908-09 2-6 .250 none Edward Burke
1907-08 4-12 .250 none Edward Burke
1906-07 6-8 .429 none Kenneth Gillett
1905-06 1-4 .200 none Frederick Peters
1904-05 3-5 .375 none Erwins Fulton
1903-04 3-3 .500 none Erwins Fulton
1902-03 4-3 .571 none Michael Ahearn
1901-02 5-3 .625 none John Dellea
1900-01 No team
1899-1900 1-3 .250 none E.F. McCobb
Numerous games cancelled throughout the season
Eight conference games cancelled
UMass was eligible for post-season play, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the remainder of the A-10 Tournament before UMass could play its game(s), and further post-season tournaments were also cancelled.
round of 64
Tindall scored a UMass record 41 points in the game at Vermont, 2/10/1968,
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